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PRINCE 2 foundation
Langue : FR / UK (Nous contacter)Référence : PRI01Durée : 3 jours
Formation en présentiel (Bertrange), à distance ou en vos locauxPrix (Calendrier) : 1 420.00 € (Euro)
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  Pré-requis :

Experience of working in projects is desirable.

  Objectifs :

PRINCE2® (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a structured method for effective project management and the standard used within the British government. Internationally, the method is applied everywhere and recognized within both the private and the public sector. PRINCE2® is a project management method, based on a process-oriented approach. The method is suited to all types of projects and, where required, can be rescaled to the application of processes, techniques and components. The processes are defined according to the objective to be attained. This objective is indicated in the realization of products and the implementation of activities. PRINCE® was devised in 1989, by the OCG. The PRINCE® method was aimed at project management in an IT environment. In 1996, PRINCE2 ® was introduced. The fundamental difference between the two versions is that PRINCE2® is no longer IT-related, but suitable for all types of projects. This makes PRINCE®2 a generic project management method that can be used throughout the entire organization, in all types of projects. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: Name and apply the most relevant concepts of the PRINCE2® methodology; Manage and oversee the project within the framework of the project plan; Effectively participate in a project according to the PRINCE2 ® methodology; Take the PRINCE2® exam (Foundation)

  Contenu :
The project's relationship with the Business Case;
An overview and the characteristics of the PRINCE2® processes, components and techniques;
The roles and related tasks and responsibilities within a PRINCE2 ® project;
The set-up and content of a product-oriented project plan;
Mastery of the project related to the project plan;
Definition, mastery and acceptance of work packages.

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